Sunday, September 6, 2020

How to SEO for Youtube Video - What is SEO?

How to SEO for Youtube Video - What is SEO?

SEO basically means search engine optimization (increasing the page rank for your videos or site) so that it appears in more searches on search engines. If you uploaded a video to Youtube and not getting hits or views to it, then most probably you are not getting that much out of your video. Unless you get views to your video, you cannot expect likes, shares and comments. To get Youtube video views, you need to seo optimize your Youtube video and follow the steps I have given below:

Youtube-seo 1. Find the right keyword: This is the most important aspect of ‘how to seo Youtube video’. Visit, click on the link on top left which says google keyword tool. A window will open up, click on google keyword planner and sign in using your gmail account. ‘Click on search for new keyword and ad group ideas’ Now search for the related keyword. For example if you are finding keywords related to ‘seo Youtube video’, write seo Youtube video and click on search, now click on keyword ideas and not keyword groups. Find a keyword with low competition and around 6000 plus global searches or 3000 or more local searches (US searches) per month. Now this is the keyword we are going to work on.

2. Title of Youtube video:

Title of the video should be eye catching, I mean it should be attractive and should force the viewer to click on your video. The keyword should be present in your title.

3. Description:

You should write 200-400 words unique description for your video. The videos which have no description or short description don’t get that many views and are not SEO optimized. Use the keyword which we found in the first step twice in your description. You can add your fanpage link in description as well. Add your site’s link in the start of the description.

4. Tags:

Tags are like keywords or relevant words related to your video. For example for a video related to ‘how to seo Youtube video’ you can use tags like (seo, search engine optimization, Youtube seo) etc. Remember the main keyword should be used in tags. Also it’s a good idea to use your channel name as a tag.

5. Transcription:

You can add transcription to your Youtube video and its’ a great seo technique.

6. Video file name

before uploading the video to Youtube, rename it to your keyword, for example if your video file name is ‘myvideo234' then you should change the name of video to ‘your keyword’ (replace your keyword with the keyword you searched in the first step)

7. Buy few backlinks for your video

I prefer social backlinks or wiki backlinks. They work well.
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