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How to Earn from Blogging - Blogging Tips

How to Earn from Blogging - Blogging Tips

Blogging is no doubt one of the best ways to earn money from internet. This blog post is about How to Earn from Blogging and basic steps to start a blog and then make money from it.

Blogging for money is fun as no one likes empty pockets..!

So let's talk about, how to Make Money From Blogging?

I am sure that if you follow the instructions in this post about How to Make Money From Blogging Step by Step, you will be on the right track to start making money online!

Difference between Blog and Website

First thing you need to understand is the difference between a blog and a website. Blog is organized/updated date wise and is updated regularly with new content relevant to the main topic or niche. For example, on this blog, I write regularly about how to make money online using different tools, methods and techniques. A website is more static and is not regularly updated, date or time wise. Example of a static website is selling an E-book with a single squeeze page.

Platforms to use for blogging:

There are free platforms and there are paid ones. What I highly recommend is making a wordpress blog. It will be easier for you to start with as Wordpress is user friendly.
According to a recent survey, 45% of the total blogs in the world use wordpress as the platform. Why wordpress? it gives you more options in terms of different plugins, mostly free and very helpful.
One can also use blogger to get started with as I am using for this blog. I have good command over html so I don't mind using this free platform and to be honest with you, it's one of the best free platforms provided by Google. If you plan to use free platform then for better online impression, at least get a custom domain.

Most Important Point While Blogging:

The most important point while blogging is the topic or niche you want to write about. To understand the importance of blogging, I would simply say that write about the topics you are passionate about or have knowledge of. For example, this is a blog on which I write about how to make money online. Why I have selected to write about making money online? Because I have knowledge about making money online and I love making money online and finding new ways to do so. Let me give you another example, if I start writing about Acne remedies and I don’t have knowledge neither interest about Acne, my blog would not survive for long as I would eventually run out of words and data, why? Because I am not passionate about the topic.

Make blogging fun, not a formality. Write about the things or topics you have knowledge of and have interest in

How to make money with blogging:

Well there are many ways to make money with your blog. The most common one is getting ads to display on your blog and get paid for each valid click from visitor/viewer. An example is adsense or (yahoo and bing ads). For your blog to get approved for the publisher account, your blog should have the following:

Unique Content
Clear understandable design/theme
Contact us/about us pages
More than 50 unique copyscape passed blog posts or articles

I highly recommend Propellerads network as the best alternate to google adsense

Other Ways to Make Money With Your Blog:

Now, before I go into the details regarding the following way to make money with your blog, I would say, be honest with what you are offering and what you are offering should be useful to your blog visitors. My sole purpose to start this blog is to help newbies around the world make money online, using legit whitehat methods, which I have tested myself.

Now let me give you an example, on this blog I write about make money online ideas and products and my reviews are always legit and based on reality. What I am talking about is Affiliate Marketing. Art of selling someone else’s product with your unique affiliate link is affiliate marketing. Place banner ads to relevant products on your blog or within the post.

The platform I highly recommend for affiliate marketing is none other than Clickbank. You get thousands of products to promote and earn commission from

In short, I write about making money online because I am passionate about it and have made money online utilizing different techniques. I recommend different products/courses/e-books, I have found to be useful. Be honest with what you do. What I am trying to say is that if I refer a product to someone, I should know whether it will be useful to him or not. Do justice with what you do…!

Once your blog becomes famous, you can place banner ads for a price. One of the best platforms for that is

If you are serious about making money with affiliate marketing, I highly recommend Clickbank University

Selling your own Digital Product:

A great way to earn money with your blog would be to market/recommend or promote your own product. You might find it difficult in start but think about it, you have a product which you own and your website/blog gives you a platform to sell it. Write good unique content around the same niche or product you are trying to sell and pitch your product with it.

Essential Piece of Puzzle:

Relevance of topic with product is an essential piece of the puzzle. For example, if my blog is about weight loss and the product I am selling or trying to sell is about Home improvement, it will not make any sense at all.

I hope that you have started to get an idea about blogging for money now.

Briefly, let me put it this way. Select a topic or niche, you are skilled in or you know about and have knowledge of. Select blogger or wordpress platform and start writing. Once you have enough unique content on your blog, apply for adsense, propellerads or media ads to start making money.You can also signup for Clickbank or Amazon as affiliate marketer and start placing relevant products on your blog, which you have tested yourself or which you know would be a good for buyer.

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