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Top 3 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers

Top 3 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers

It’s been a couple of days since I have posted on this blog. I prefer writing when I feel like. The best part about making money online is that I am my own boss. I own blogs and I write when I do feel like writing about a certain aspect or topic. If you do blogging for money, you should analyze the best adsense alternatives

I felt important to make a post about ‘Google Adsense alternatives’ to monetize a blog

There are many alternatives to Adsense but I would be honest that Adsense is the best. I have a history with them and they are indeed the best paying network for majority of niches.

Below are the three best and legit alternates to adsense

1. ads by yahoo and Bing is a contextual ad platform and is an excellent alternate to adsense. It takes about 3 months for publisher account to get mature. By getting mature, I mean it takes time during which the ads management and marketing team analyze different ad formats to get to know the best performing ads according to your blog or site. The best part about this ad platform is that you are assigned with an account manager who helps you in different areas to make sure that you are getting the best out of your blog or site in terms of earnings

I highly recommend this platform for serious bloggers who regularly post new content. It’s one of the best contextual ads network for publishers and site owners. Contextual means ads which are relevant to the topic/content of your blog. Once approves your publisher account, you have the leverage to place ads on multiple websites but all the sites or blogs need to go through an approval process


I recently signed up for infolinks publisher account and wanted to give it a try. Infolinks is a platform which provides you different ad platforms to show up on your blog. The most important being clickable text links. I am satisfied with the earnings and it serves as one of the many good platforms for publishers and site owners to earn with. It’s an excellent platform for high traffic blogs. Highly recommended way to earn money online with your website. What I like about Infolinks is the types of ads available. Following are the types:

in article

placing different types of ads on your blogs/site, increase the chances of getting clicks and interactions with ads.

3. Propellerads

For some time now, it has become one of my favorite publisher earning platform. You can start with Pop under ads and as soon as the alexa rank goes lower than 500,000 you get more ad types to earn money with e.g. Banner ads (In Page push banners). A great way to earn with them is push notification, you can select to get paid for each subscribed user or each impression to notification. They also offer Interstitial ads. I highly recommend Propellerads

The above mentioned platforms are equally good for advertisers and blog/website owners.

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