Saturday, September 5, 2020

Earn Money From Internet Part 3

Earn Money From Internet

In continuation to my previous posts, I made around earning money from internet, in this post I will write briefly about making money with Youtube

There are many ways to earn money with Youtube, in this post, I will explain three ways. Youtube is the world’s most visited video site. It drives millions of visitors everyday, therefore there is no doubt that Youtube can serve as one of the best platforms to generate income

Affiliate Marketing with Youtube:

You promote the products with videos and get commissions on every sale made through your affiliate link. I have been doing affiliate marketing for more than 8 years now and know exactly which methods work and which methods don’t work. I highly recommend you to join clickbank as it is the top most legit marketplace for vendors and affiliate marketers. You can simply make review videos and upload them to youtube on your channel and get sales. With experience I have learned that videos are more likely to get ranked fast as compared to content but it depends on the ever changing Google Algorithms

To know in detail about the whole process and how to make affiliate sales I highly recommend Clickbank University

I will try to explain with an example. If you are trying to sell a product related to Internet Marketing Niche, you need to either use the product/program yourself and then make review video or you can do research and make a review video according to your understanding of the product/program, explain how it worked out for you, if it was positive, ask viewers to check the details by clicking link in the description. If your feedback on the product is negative, explain the reason behind it with solid pointers and refer customers/viewers to a product which is actually useful for them. You need to place the affiliate link, in the description of the video, here is an example of review video which I made few years back.

Google Adsense for Youtubers:

If you have a youtube channel with a number of videos getting traffic everyday, you can apply for adsense hosted account (google ads will run on your youtube videos). Log into your youtube account and check out the monetization option to start earning. Your channel should have 10,000 minutes of viewed duration for your videos, to be eligible for Adsense Hosted Account.

Get Paid to Upload Videos:

You can actually get paid to upload videos. Make Money From Youtube Without Creating Your Own Videos!

Companies around the world know the importance of video marketing and are willing to pay decent monthly payouts to registered members. You will not need to make the videos, the videos will be provided to you and you will just need to upload them. Follow this link to know more

The above mentioned methods are legit and have been tested to work. Kindly like and share this post.

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