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Top 3 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers

Top 3 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers

It’s been a couple of days since I have posted on this blog. I prefer writing when I feel like. The best part about making money online is that I am my own boss. I own blogs and I write when I do feel like writing about a certain aspect or topic. If you do blogging for money, you should analyze the best adsense alternatives

I felt important to make a post about ‘Google Adsense alternatives’ to monetize a blog

There are many alternatives to Adsense but I would be honest that Adsense is the best. I have a history with them and they are indeed the best paying network for majority of niches.

Below are the three best and legit alternates to adsense

1. ads by yahoo and Bing is a contextual ad platform and is an excellent alternate to adsense. It takes about 3 months for publisher account to get mature. By getting mature, I mean it takes time during which the ads management and marketing team analyze different ad formats to get to know the best performing ads according to your blog or site. The best part about this ad platform is that you are assigned with an account manager who helps you in different areas to make sure that you are getting the best out of your blog or site in terms of earnings

I highly recommend this platform for serious bloggers who regularly post new content. It’s one of the best contextual ads network for publishers and site owners. Contextual means ads which are relevant to the topic/content of your blog. Once approves your publisher account, you have the leverage to place ads on multiple websites but all the sites or blogs need to go through an approval process


I recently signed up for infolinks publisher account and wanted to give it a try. Infolinks is a platform which provides you different ad platforms to show up on your blog. The most important being clickable text links. I am satisfied with the earnings and it serves as one of the many good platforms for publishers and site owners to earn with. It’s an excellent platform for high traffic blogs. Highly recommended way to earn money online with your website. What I like about Infolinks is the types of ads available. Following are the types:

in article

placing different types of ads on your blogs/site, increase the chances of getting clicks and interactions with ads.

3. Propellerads

For some time now, it has become one of my favorite publisher earning platform. You can start with Pop under ads and as soon as the alexa rank goes lower than 500,000 you get more ad types to earn money with e.g. Banner ads (In Page push banners). A great way to earn with them is push notification, you can select to get paid for each subscribed user or each impression to notification. They also offer Interstitial ads. I highly recommend Propellerads

The above mentioned platforms are equally good for advertisers and blog/website owners.

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How to Earn from Blogging - Blogging Tips

How to Earn from Blogging - Blogging Tips

Blogging is no doubt one of the best ways to earn money from internet. This blog post is about How to Earn from Blogging and basic steps to start a blog and then make money from it.

Blogging for money is fun as no one likes empty pockets..!

So let's talk about, how to Make Money From Blogging?

I am sure that if you follow the instructions in this post about How to Make Money From Blogging Step by Step, you will be on the right track to start making money online!

Difference between Blog and Website

First thing you need to understand is the difference between a blog and a website. Blog is organized/updated date wise and is updated regularly with new content relevant to the main topic or niche. For example, on this blog, I write regularly about how to make money online using different tools, methods and techniques. A website is more static and is not regularly updated, date or time wise. Example of a static website is selling an E-book with a single squeeze page.

Platforms to use for blogging:

There are free platforms and there are paid ones. What I highly recommend is making a wordpress blog. It will be easier for you to start with as Wordpress is user friendly.
According to a recent survey, 45% of the total blogs in the world use wordpress as the platform. Why wordpress? it gives you more options in terms of different plugins, mostly free and very helpful.
One can also use blogger to get started with as I am using for this blog. I have good command over html so I don't mind using this free platform and to be honest with you, it's one of the best free platforms provided by Google. If you plan to use free platform then for better online impression, at least get a custom domain.

Most Important Point While Blogging:

The most important point while blogging is the topic or niche you want to write about. To understand the importance of blogging, I would simply say that write about the topics you are passionate about or have knowledge of. For example, this is a blog on which I write about how to make money online. Why I have selected to write about making money online? Because I have knowledge about making money online and I love making money online and finding new ways to do so. Let me give you another example, if I start writing about Acne remedies and I don’t have knowledge neither interest about Acne, my blog would not survive for long as I would eventually run out of words and data, why? Because I am not passionate about the topic.

Make blogging fun, not a formality. Write about the things or topics you have knowledge of and have interest in

How to make money with blogging:

Well there are many ways to make money with your blog. The most common one is getting ads to display on your blog and get paid for each valid click from visitor/viewer. An example is adsense or (yahoo and bing ads). For your blog to get approved for the publisher account, your blog should have the following:

Unique Content
Clear understandable design/theme
Contact us/about us pages
More than 50 unique copyscape passed blog posts or articles

I highly recommend Propellerads network as the best alternate to google adsense

Other Ways to Make Money With Your Blog:

Now, before I go into the details regarding the following way to make money with your blog, I would say, be honest with what you are offering and what you are offering should be useful to your blog visitors. My sole purpose to start this blog is to help newbies around the world make money online, using legit whitehat methods, which I have tested myself.

Now let me give you an example, on this blog I write about make money online ideas and products and my reviews are always legit and based on reality. What I am talking about is Affiliate Marketing. Art of selling someone else’s product with your unique affiliate link is affiliate marketing. Place banner ads to relevant products on your blog or within the post.

The platform I highly recommend for affiliate marketing is none other than Clickbank. You get thousands of products to promote and earn commission from

In short, I write about making money online because I am passionate about it and have made money online utilizing different techniques. I recommend different products/courses/e-books, I have found to be useful. Be honest with what you do. What I am trying to say is that if I refer a product to someone, I should know whether it will be useful to him or not. Do justice with what you do…!

Once your blog becomes famous, you can place banner ads for a price. One of the best platforms for that is

If you are serious about making money with affiliate marketing, I highly recommend Clickbank University

Selling your own Digital Product:

A great way to earn money with your blog would be to market/recommend or promote your own product. You might find it difficult in start but think about it, you have a product which you own and your website/blog gives you a platform to sell it. Write good unique content around the same niche or product you are trying to sell and pitch your product with it.

Essential Piece of Puzzle:

Relevance of topic with product is an essential piece of the puzzle. For example, if my blog is about weight loss and the product I am selling or trying to sell is about Home improvement, it will not make any sense at all.

I hope that you have started to get an idea about blogging for money now.

Briefly, let me put it this way. Select a topic or niche, you are skilled in or you know about and have knowledge of. Select blogger or wordpress platform and start writing. Once you have enough unique content on your blog, apply for adsense, propellerads or media ads to start making money.You can also signup for Clickbank or Amazon as affiliate marketer and start placing relevant products on your blog, which you have tested yourself or which you know would be a good for buyer.

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Blogging Tips - How to Monetize a Blog

Blogging Tips - How to Monetize a Blog

Today I wanted to write about How to Monetize a Blog and some very important Blogging Tips. I will give some useful blogging tips in this post plus I will highlight certain aspects or points to remember while blogging or even starting a blog.

How to Start Making Money through Blogging

I started blogging many years back, the first and foremost thing is getting serious and planning it out accordingly.

Make blogging fun not a formality. Write about the topic you have interest in and have knowledge about. I write about making money online as I am an affiliate marketer and blogger for more than 8 years now and I have a lot to say and share. Why I write about making money online? because I am passionate about making money online and I have made money online. Following points will be helpful in understanding the bigger picture once you make up your mind about starting a blog:

What should you blog about?

It can be anything ranging from beauty tips to hollywood. The topic or niche is the main essence. Select the topic you are passionate about and would love to write about. Something you want to talk about all the time. Something, which you feel happy sharing. For me, I am always thinking about ways to making money online and it excites me to learn new things and implement and then share the results with my followers. In a nutshell, write about the topic you love and you are passionate about. Let me give you a real example. I have turned all my passions into blogging. I love watching UFC and I hardly miss any PPV event so I write about UFC in my tending news blog. I also have a blog on Chess Online, which provides a free platform to chess lovers

Be a bit crazy

Don’t get me wrong but this point means that there is no specific time I have set during which I write articles or blog posts. I write when I feel writing and sharing and that’s what makes it more fun as I am not bound to a set time schedule. Blogging becomes fun if you are serious and consistent about it and when you love it, you will definitely write more and more. I usually don’t check the number of words I am writing for a blog post. Don’t you think it’s unfair if I am writing a set number of words and not able to deliver my message through. I write because I love writing and therefore I don’t need to count the number of words my blog post has

how to monetize a blog?

Once you have enough unique content on your blog and getting enough traffic, I would highly recommend to get google adsense account or account for publishers. It’s the best way to earn consistent monthly earning. One can also utilize affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from your blog and make your online journey fun. The most legit source for that is Clickbank

Refer to the following posts to know how you can connect affiliate marketing and blogging to earn money from internet.

I would suggest you to set a short term goal of about six months. Write unique cotent consistently on your blog. One good blog post everyday will be a healthy start. I am sure that if you write often for six months, your blog will be in good state to start generating income for you.

For newbies, I highly recommend getting enrolled on Clickbank University Affiliate Marketing Course. It teaches you all necessary steps to make money with affiliate marketing.

Monetizing your blog is more like, renting out the space on your blog or website. Consider a blog/website as your property, if you have good content and your online presense is 3-6 months old, Google or Mediadotnet will rent the space from you, on that blog/website for showing ads. The ad networks will show relevant ads and you will get paid for each interaction with those ads.

Different ad networks, pay differently for clicks and impressions.

An excellent adsense alternate is Propellerads, they pay well and they have a number of really good options to get your blog monetized. A fun monetizing technique they offer is Directlink, it's a unique link to which you can send traffic and get paid. Even if you don't have a website/blog, you can earn money with Propellerads network, for sending traffic to your direct link. The directlink leads to the best suitable CPA offers and you as a blog owner can make decent amount of money with this ad network. They are also offering Pop Under ads to get started with. I highly recommend you to join Propellerads network.

Creating high-quality content

Creating high quality content means, it should be unique and not scattered. Write about different aspects of the main topic. For example, in this blog post, I am writing about how to monetize a blog and therefore all important aspects should be covered in this blog post related to the main topic. I try to make my blog posts fun to the reader making it useful. If I write something and it’s not useful, it gives me a bad feeling because I will feel happy and satisfied, if I am sharing the right thing and that thing is helpful to the readers of this blog.

Take note of the below mentioned points while Creating a blog

Publish high-quality content consistently

Learn how to promote your blog

Understand how to monetize a blog

Master all the different social media platforms for marketing

Continue learning about blogging

There are many other elements and the best way is to keep on learning and researching. Learn with every error you make and make adjustments accordingly. In the longer run, you will finally be in a position to be your own boss and work according to your own timing and convenience

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Recommended Programs/Products:

An important piece of the puzzle is learning SEO and selecting the right keywords which I will write about in future posts.

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Paid Viewpoint Survey Review

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Paid Viewpoint Survey Review

Blogging Tips for Beginners

Blogging Tips for Beginners

On this blog, you will find useful tips for writing and starting a blog

In continuation with my recent posts, In this blog post, I will write about 5 healthy Tips to increase traffic to your blog and to make it more healthy in terms of monetization. You can read more on blogging for newbies by checking my future posts.

So lets start, I will give you five great tips to make your blog famous

Social Presence

It’s an essential piece of the bigger picture and social media plays an important role by providing you High PR backlinks. Let me give an example, whenever I post a new article or blog post, I always share it on most of the famous Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. By doing so, I instantly get High PR backlinks and it sends powerful signals to top search engines like Google about my blog’s health. So always make it a habit of sharing the blog post on top social sites. I would recommend a small strategy, make new accounts on social sites and try to mention the topic or niche your blog is about in your profile. Further more, you need to make boards for relevant topics or niche you write about, on Pinterest. Similarly, you will make Facebook fan pages around the same topic or niche. Now, when you will post a new article or blog post, you will share it on relevant boards on Pinterest and relevant fanpages on Facebook. I hope that this example was good and made it clear to you how important social presence is

If you are using wordpress as blogging platform then you should use social media buttons plugin, I recommend Shareaholic sharing buttons for wordpress. If you have written unique content and there are no social icons for readers to share your blog with, it's sad.

Unique Content

It’s true that Content is king and unless your blog has enough unique content, it will be kicked out of the competition. What I am trying to say is that the blogs with unique content will survive and make you money. Treat your blog like a new born baby & feed it with new content everyday. This will make your blog famous and you will be able to make money off it. Your goal should be to get organic traffic from google. Write on keywords with low competition and learn some basic SEO. I would recommend writing a 1000 words post everyday to keep new traffic coming in and to make your blog famous and healthy in terms of generating revenue for you.

Layout and Design

This is one good way to attract new visitors to keep coming back to your blog or to get the blog posts shared across the social media networks by the viewers or visitors. It should be simple yet interactive. The main purpose of choosing the right theme or design is to make your blog better looking but with experience I have learned that it’s more about your blog content than the design. It doesn’t mean that Layout and design are not important. Each element has it’s own importance and makes your blog better overall.

Utilize free URL Submission to Top Search Engines

This is a good technique and you need to submit your site/blog to top search engines. Inclusion is free on most search engines. You can click here to get your site submitted to 20 Top Search Engines. I have personally tested this technique and it works in the longer run

Stay Committed and Consistent

If you really want to make money from your blog, it’s time to get serious and set some targets to make your blog famous. It’s very important to stay committed and consistent. By staying consistent, I mean that you need to write more often. I would recommend writing every other day for newbies.

An Excellent Tip to make your blog famous: DON’T COUNT THE WORDS WHILE WRITING A POST FOR YOUR BLOG AND WRITE IN DETAIL. Do justice to your work by providing the best knowledge/content to your visitors eventually making blogging fun and useful. I am sure that this blogpost is helpful for the one’s serious about making a famous blog. Keep coming back to my blog for more information on how to make money online.
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How to SEO for Youtube Video - What is SEO?

How to SEO for Youtube Video - What is SEO?

SEO basically means search engine optimization (increasing the page rank for your videos or site) so that it appears in more searches on search engines. If you uploaded a video to Youtube and not getting hits or views to it, then most probably you are not getting that much out of your video. Unless you get views to your video, you cannot expect likes, shares and comments. To get Youtube video views, you need to seo optimize your Youtube video and follow the steps I have given below:

Youtube-seo 1. Find the right keyword: This is the most important aspect of ‘how to seo Youtube video’. Visit, click on the link on top left which says google keyword tool. A window will open up, click on google keyword planner and sign in using your gmail account. ‘Click on search for new keyword and ad group ideas’ Now search for the related keyword. For example if you are finding keywords related to ‘seo Youtube video’, write seo Youtube video and click on search, now click on keyword ideas and not keyword groups. Find a keyword with low competition and around 6000 plus global searches or 3000 or more local searches (US searches) per month. Now this is the keyword we are going to work on.

2. Title of Youtube video:

Title of the video should be eye catching, I mean it should be attractive and should force the viewer to click on your video. The keyword should be present in your title.

3. Description:

You should write 200-400 words unique description for your video. The videos which have no description or short description don’t get that many views and are not SEO optimized. Use the keyword which we found in the first step twice in your description. You can add your fanpage link in description as well. Add your site’s link in the start of the description.

4. Tags:

Tags are like keywords or relevant words related to your video. For example for a video related to ‘how to seo Youtube video’ you can use tags like (seo, search engine optimization, Youtube seo) etc. Remember the main keyword should be used in tags. Also it’s a good idea to use your channel name as a tag.

5. Transcription:

You can add transcription to your Youtube video and its’ a great seo technique.

6. Video file name

before uploading the video to Youtube, rename it to your keyword, for example if your video file name is ‘myvideo234' then you should change the name of video to ‘your keyword’ (replace your keyword with the keyword you searched in the first step)

7. Buy few backlinks for your video

I prefer social backlinks or wiki backlinks. They work well.
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Earn Money From Internet Part 3

Earn Money From Internet

In continuation to my previous posts, I made around earning money from internet, in this post I will write briefly about making money with Youtube

There are many ways to earn money with Youtube, in this post, I will explain three ways. Youtube is the world’s most visited video site. It drives millions of visitors everyday, therefore there is no doubt that Youtube can serve as one of the best platforms to generate income

Affiliate Marketing with Youtube:

You promote the products with videos and get commissions on every sale made through your affiliate link. I have been doing affiliate marketing for more than 8 years now and know exactly which methods work and which methods don’t work. I highly recommend you to join clickbank as it is the top most legit marketplace for vendors and affiliate marketers. You can simply make review videos and upload them to youtube on your channel and get sales. With experience I have learned that videos are more likely to get ranked fast as compared to content but it depends on the ever changing Google Algorithms

To know in detail about the whole process and how to make affiliate sales I highly recommend Clickbank University

I will try to explain with an example. If you are trying to sell a product related to Internet Marketing Niche, you need to either use the product/program yourself and then make review video or you can do research and make a review video according to your understanding of the product/program, explain how it worked out for you, if it was positive, ask viewers to check the details by clicking link in the description. If your feedback on the product is negative, explain the reason behind it with solid pointers and refer customers/viewers to a product which is actually useful for them. You need to place the affiliate link, in the description of the video, here is an example of review video which I made few years back.

Google Adsense for Youtubers:

If you have a youtube channel with a number of videos getting traffic everyday, you can apply for adsense hosted account (google ads will run on your youtube videos). Log into your youtube account and check out the monetization option to start earning. Your channel should have 10,000 minutes of viewed duration for your videos, to be eligible for Adsense Hosted Account.

Get Paid to Upload Videos:

You can actually get paid to upload videos. Make Money From Youtube Without Creating Your Own Videos!

Companies around the world know the importance of video marketing and are willing to pay decent monthly payouts to registered members. You will not need to make the videos, the videos will be provided to you and you will just need to upload them. Follow this link to know more

The above mentioned methods are legit and have been tested to work. Kindly like and share this post.

Keep on visiting my blog to know more legit ways to earn money from internet.

Earn Money From Internet Part 2

Earn Money From Internet

Do you want to know how to earn money from internet? There are many, if not thousands of different techniques to make money from home online. Here I will discuss affiliate marketing to earn money from the internet

Affiliate Marketing

You do not need to have your own product to sell, in order for you to make money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you get commission selling other vendor's product. Most of the top networks are free to join. You can link to any affiliate network for free, promote their products and get paid commission from affiliate networks for every sale made through your unique affiliate link.

A part of it is Selling Information Products, this is by far one of the top ways to make money on the internet. If you are knowledgeable in a particular field and there is demand of your knowledge and expertise, you may have stumbled upon one of the top ways to make money online. They generally provide very high revenue margins on the sales that you make, and once you have gotten the product, it is only a matter of selling it to earn money commission. You can also make your own digital product and sell it on platforms like Clickbank and Jvzoo.

In order to begin with this money-making plan you will need to make a website/blog. You will also need to generate traffic to your site and convert those visitors into paying customers. Targeted traffic needs to be driven to your blog/website in order to get conversions. The most important and legit way to get targeted traffic is to write unique content, the more content you have posted about a certain topic or keyword, the better. There is a saying which I always use, i.e. Content is King, it's right.

Let me summarise it, in order for you to make affiliate sales, you need to have online presence, starting with your own website/blog. In other words you can start blogging and monetize the traffic doing affiliate marketing (promoting relevant products/programs on your blog posts)

If you are serious about learning affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you join Clickbank University's Online Training Course

Read more on Earning money from internet here

There are ways to close affiliate sales without a website but I highly recommend you get your own blog/website. Once you have enough content on your blog, you will know the worth of your online presence.

In the posts to follow, I will discuss how to start your own blog in detail, so stay tuned!

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Earn Money from Internet

Earn Money from Internet

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Earn Money from Internet

Friday, August 14, 2020

How to Make Money from Clickbank Affiliate Sales 2020