Wednesday, February 26, 2014

how to remove blogger navbar 2014

how to remove blogger navbar 2014

Removing a blogger navbar is one of the easiest things to do and you don't need to have html or scripting knowledge, just follow the simple steps below and you are done. You would like to do it because you can place ads at the top and you don't want your viewers to pay attention to the navbar on the top of site, the space of which can be used for something better, creative and monetization.

1. Login in to your blogger account.

2. When you see the list of blogs you have made, click the one you want to remove the navbar from.

3. On left side after scrolling down a bit, you can see a button "LAYOUT", click on that.

4. See at the top right side where "Navbar" is written, click "Edit" written in blue.

5. A window will popup, scroll down to the bottom and select off, then save the changes.

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