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wp robot download and review

wp robot download and review:


WP Robot Elite

Amazon Module

Article Module

Commission Junction Module

eBay Module

Yahoo Answers Module

Youtube Module

Translation Module

Flickr Module

Yahoo News Module

RSS Module

Linkshare Module

Clickbank Module

Twitter Module

Press Release Module

Shopzilla Module

PLR Module

Oodle Module

Eventful Module

iTunes Module

Yelp Module

ShareASale Module

Avantlink Module

Price (s)

- Full Version: $129
- Developer Version: $499
- Custom Version: you can take out the modules which you don't require and then

press calculate to check the custom price.

Click here to visit WP Robot and buy it

Nice Advantages:

No risk! 14 day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with WP Robot.

Free support and free updates included with every purchase!

The biggest advantage is automation to include so many modules, I am currently using it on some of my blogs and getting nice results. It is one of the most power autoblog plugins I have come across. I highly recommend it. No doubts in my mind. I am using mainly two modules for which I bought it 'shareasale' and 'clickbank' as I am an affiliate marketer myself and always search for the best I can get to increase my monthly earnings as affiliate marketer. You can Automatically post Youtube Videos, Amazon Products, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads and much more to your blog without lifting a finger. I always say that work smart not hard and this is just the right tool for me.

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I have included screen shot for your reference.

Click here to visit WP Robot and buy it

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list of ping sites for wordpress 2014

list of ping sites for wordpress 2014

Following is the list of updated ping sites for 2014. Adding more ping sites to your wordpress blog is a good practice as it will send a message to more sites about new updates and posts on your site. Your site will become more popular with the passage of time. Copy and paste the following as it is, I have already placed commas in between different ping url's for you. After logging into your wordpress dashboard, scroll down and on the left side, hover over settings, a menu to right side will open up, click on writing, now scroll down to the bottom and paste the following list. By default pingomatic will be there already, just remove that as its already in the list below. All the best and enjoy! Click inside the box below and Ctrl + A, then press Ctrl + C to copy and then Ctrl + V to paste to wordpress.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wordpress Analytics Plugin review

Buy Wpclicks here

Wordpress Analytics Plugin -- Discover Everything Your Visitors Do On Your Website. Watch Real-time, Live Video Recordings Of Your Visitors' Interactions With Your Wordpress Sites. Easy One-click Install.

Basic Features – Video Tracking

On majority of sites website analytics software does not have video analytics. It is because it's a premium feature for which you need to pay money. Some people might think that its irrelevant. I wouldn’t agree with either one of these ideas, because I think website visitor tracking in video looks much better and is very descriptive. WP analytics plugin does provide you this facility and its awesome.

Buy Wpclicks here


WPClicks allows you to create custom options for tracking different actions on your website taken by your visitors or viewers. You can name these campaigns, add respective web addresses to be tracked. You can track actions like sales, opt-ins and some more. I highly recommend this plugin. The more you know about your customers, the more sales or opt-ins you can generate.

Visitor Information

This plugin also gives you info about visitor's or viewer's IP address, browser they are using, their system OS (operating system), the screen resolution set on your system, from which page or url they came to your site. This is some healthy information which can be utilized in a number of ways. I like this plugin.

Buy Wpclicks here

Price(s) of WP clicks:

For me personally price does not matter when I look at the options I am getting with this plugin, Anyway there are three price categories for WPClicks – the single site licence, the multi-site licence and the unlimited site licence. You only have to pay once, $47 for the single site license, $57 for multi site license and $ 97 for unlimited site license. Get this video You should get this video styled analytical tool.

Bottom line:

I would highly recommend it to all website owners. I have used the data provided by this plugin for a no. of my sites and got to know better about my customers.

Buy Wpclicks here


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how to remove blogger navbar 2014

how to remove blogger navbar 2014

Removing a blogger navbar is one of the easiest things to do and you don't need to have html or scripting knowledge, just follow the simple steps below and you are done. You would like to do it because you can place ads at the top and you don't want your viewers to pay attention to the navbar on the top of site, the space of which can be used for something better, creative and monetization.

1. Login in to your blogger account.

2. When you see the list of blogs you have made, click the one you want to remove the navbar from.

3. On left side after scrolling down a bit, you can see a button "LAYOUT", click on that.

4. See at the top right side where "Navbar" is written, click "Edit" written in blue.

5. A window will popup, scroll down to the bottom and select off, then save the changes.

So simple, Keep on visiting my blog for more blogger tips and tricks, wordpress plugin updates and reviews.
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cb press marketplace wordpress plugin

Sunday, February 23, 2014

clickbank autoblog plugin-cb goliath plugin review

clickbank autoblog plugin-cb goliath plugin review

CB Goliath review

CB Goliath is a very powerful plugin and you need to have your hands on it no matter what. This easy to use yet extremely powerful WordPress plugin will automatically post complete Clickbank products on your blog with just a few clicks. You can select category and keywords. You can select to promote products according to the gravity of product (how popular the product is) No data feeds to search, no time consuming and complicated setup, you only have to choose what you want to publish on your blog or site, in which categories and niche. With just one click you get up to a hundred Clickbank product posts and affiliate pages.
Trust me, people who work smart earn more than people who work hard and CB Goliath will really make the difference for you...

With CB Goliath you will not need to do the following

-Go to the Clickbank marketplace
-Find the products in the Clickbank marketplace that match the criteria you entered
-Visit each merchant’s site one by one
-Retrieve the title, meta keywords and meta description from the salesletter
-Retrieve text from the salesletter
-Create a post on your WordPress blog for each one of the products

It gives you the power of automation, just install the plugin, click on the plugin tab on your left hand side after installation and just enter or select the following fields:

negative keywords
clickbank id
clickbank category
clickbank sub category
sort results by gravity
sort results from high to low (if selected gravity then it will sort results from high gravity to low gravity)
tracking id(for example blog1, if you are putting it on your blog)
schedule the post or post immediately

you can also select the display options, for example you can set the product image on left or right


1) Multi-site license included: For the personal version, you can use CB Goliath on unlimited blogs you own. For the developer's version, you can, again, sell as many blogs that have been built with CB Goliath as you want (or install on unlimited clients' websites).
2) Free life-time updates: All customers receive free life-time upgrades. We continually add new features and improve our plugins. Some of these modifications are pretty costly too - however you will never pay for any upgrades!
3) Auto-upgrade plugin: You will receive a copy of an automatic upgrade plugin. You can install it on your blog like any other plugin, and then you will be able to always update CB Goliath on your blog with just one click! No need to deactivate and delete the old version of the plugin!
4) Unlimited technical support: Inside the plugin, you will find a "contact us" link. If you have any problems (like if the plugin isn't working properly on your server for some reason), just click that link and let us know. We will get back to you ASAP and fix any issue.
Still, even with such a valuable product and the bonuses, you may not be completely over the fence entirely. After all, anyone can hype their product. So...

Get CB Goliath plugin here

Get CB Goliath developer license here

developer license will allow you to install it on as many blogs as you want for yourself and for your clients.

Clickbank is the real deal, I have been making money with it as affiliate for about 3 years now. Before using this plugin, I was making around 400-600 dollars per month but after applying this plugin to few of my blogs I started making around 800-1000 dollars per month. It does make a difference and I highly recommend it to all affiliate marketers out there who really want to make sales and are struggling to do so.

Get CB Goliath plugin here $20 only

Get CB Goliath developer license here $45 only

comes with guarantee that it will work so you don't have to worry about losing money, in fact you should be more concerned about making money with it...and you will..
people who have bought it have never demanded refunds just like me because I am satisfied with the money I am making with it..So take action now!!!

Get CB Goliath plugin here $20 only

Get CB Goliath developer license here $45 only

Get developer license if you want to install it on client or customer sites and make more money.

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